Project management

Covering all sides of online project is hard and this is where professional manager is needed.

The main aim of project management is to fulfill the requirements of project within a given time. Applying Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban, using project management tools like Jira, Youtrack, Redmine helps to achieve the goals and keep project on track.

Project manager takes care of requirements and time constrains, budget allocation, risk analysis, resource management, change management plan, project monitoring and control, to give time for stakeholder to develop the product.


Marketing strategy varies depending on the product. Taking time to prepare ad campaign before season or segmentation of ads by GEO or audience may make sense and bring value to the company. Advertise products with Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. Get ad strategy with budget plan and have access to delivery metrics.


Improving the performance of the website in search engines is extremely important for successful sales. SEO deals with internal optimization (robots.txt, sitemap, meta descriptions, images, page-speed optimization, link names and etc.), link building, analytics tracking tools. Analyze your website and receive a checklist to get started.

Software development


Header bidding is a great alternative to typical waterfall approach, which publishers usually face trying to monetize their inventory. Client side auction brings much more clarity into the question of who and how much bids.

Troubleshooting can be challenging and underestimating the problems with prebid setup be crucial for delivery and monetizations as a consequence.
We are a team of engineers who specialize in troubleshooting integrations in typical header bidding setup.

Google AdManager

Configuration of powerful solution from Google for websites with wide audience.

Ad ops

Get professional help of Ad ops engineers. Debug and optimize your ad campaigns if you are facing any problems.

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